Concussions, no matter how big or small, are traumatic brain injuries. The effects of a head or brain injury may not be immediately apparent but head injuries should never be taken lightly. Victims who strike their heads in an auto accidents, slip and falls or other injuries, may experience mood swings, inability to concentrate, memory loss, and other difficult-to-document symptoms. In many cases, the effects of the injuries will not manifest for years. We work with top neurological experts from around the country in order to prove to insurance companies that a plaintiff’s head injury is one of the most serious injuries they can suffer.

A Head of the Insurance Companies
The personal injury trial lawyers at Bohren Law Offices, we have both personal and professional experience with brain and head injuries. Attorney Yanni Bohren suffered a severe concussion while in the Army and personally identifies with those who have suffered the fallout of a traumatic brain injury. Because brain and head injuries can have a profound impact on the plaintiff’s quality of life, loved ones, and future medical care, we work closely with the best neurologists in the nation.

State of Mind
Without our minds, we have nothing. A healthy brain and sound mind is critical to living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, contact us immediately.

Path to Victory.
We take pride in representing the “underdog” and understand the stress, confusion and destructive impact an accident can have on your life. While we primarily strive to help our clients win their rightful financial recovery, we truly feel a sense of fulfillment when we help our clients receive justice from liable parties. That is why we only represent injured individual plaintiffs in personal injury cases – never companies, employers, or corporations.

We’re In This Together.
From the moment the accident happens, to the day we resolve your case, we will be there every step of the way ensuring your rights are being protected and you are getting every dollar that you deserve. We understand that accidents can have an earth-shattering effect on your every day life. When we work on your case, we are working for you. Whether it’s setting up medical appointments to dealing with your insurance claim, to making sure your employer understands the nature of your injury, we will keep you informed and protected. The insurance companies are not your friend and that’s why it’s important to have a loyal advocate in your corner to ensure your rights aren’t violated.

Free Consultations, No Fee Guarantee.
Our consultations are always free, and there is no fee unless we win your case! That’s our No Fee Guarantee! We offer free parking in our Little Italy office location, or we can meet you at your home, office, or local coffee shop. Personal injury cases are subject to strict time limits, so don’t delay in contacting us now for your free, no obligation consultation.

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Bohren Law Offices is dedicated to aggressively representing our clients in an effort to reach the settlement or verdict they deserve. We have successfully been able to obtain millions in relief for injured victims in San Diego, California.

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