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Yanni BohrenAt Bohren Law Offices, practicing law is not just a profession, it is a way of life. Established in 2014, the personal injury trial lawyers at Bohren Law Offices are fully committed to helping personal injury victims throughout the State of California.  We work diligently and tirelessly to make sure you get fully compensated for your injuries.

We pride ourselves in fighting for our clients’ rights at every stage of the case. Our three core principles navigate us to the right decisions on every case: Loyalty, Honor, Results.

  • Loyalty: Our loyalty to our clients is first and foremost. We always place the clients needs and goals as the reason for pursuing justice. Each client is unique with respect to their goals and our loyalty to our clients is nonnegotiable. Our loyalty to our clients allows us to fulfill our duty to our clients in every case we handle.
  • Honor: We honor those who have forged the path before us through service of the law. Understanding our past allows us to prepare for our future. Honoring the people who have fought injustices in the past inspires us to continue the tradition of pursuing justice for our clients.
  • Results: Being results-driven keeps our eyes on the prize. The prize, of course, is client satisfaction. By focusing on our client’s goals, we always remain true to ourselves and our vision.

The essence of our guiding principles reflect the unwavering truth that our clients are, and always will be, our top priority.

Free Consultations, No Fee Guarantee.

Our consultations are always free, and there is no fee unless we win your case!  That’s our No Fee Guarantee!  We offer free parking in our Little Italy office location, or we can meet you at your home, office, or local coffee shop.  Personal injury cases are subject to strict time limits, so don’t delay in contacting us now for your free, no obligation consultation.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact Bohren Law Offices at 1.844.426.4736.

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At Bohren Law Offices, practicing law is not just a profession – it is a way of life. Established in 2014, we are fully committed to helping those in need of legal services throughout the state of California.

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